Public relation is a creative strategy to bring in positive publicity and brand recognition for your product. It would focus less on the hard-selling a product or an idea. An in-house PR Agency is crucial because it is essential to understand the difference between PR and marketing. Innovative utilization of PR tools, brand association, and placements in the right balance is the success secret of Push as a PR agency in India. Strategic advice for the enhancement of your company image, be it for crisis management or a product launch, we craft the perfect strategy to endorse the image of your enterprise. In the changing media and evolving digital society, our in-depth understanding and years of experience make us your ideal partner. Dealing with unprecedented events and satisfying the clients is what we do here. As a holistic service provider company, we provide a 360-degree solution for any corporation. Ethically molding public opinion for your advantage is our job and doing it in the most excellent way makes us the best PR agency in India.

01Public Affairs / Government Relations

Push is one of the most influential press releases companies in India with an innovative communication strategy. Our experts will provide you a range of adept solutions and garner the insights gained from the impact of your campaigns to keep you ahead in the competition. The derived results will be used to formulate new PR strategies to drive the campaigns and deliver your message to the public. It is crucial to building buoyancy in the market and highlight success as it boosts consumer confidence. Leveraging the most trusted distribution network of news, websites, and social media, we will increase your visibility to the public. Maintaining relations with the public and government, is important as you grow ahead. Management and mitigation of regulatory and political risk is an imperative component for a corporate office.

02Content Management

How do we talk to millions of people? Through online ads, television ads, social media, and many other mediums, but the age-old tradition still exists, we write, and our client reads. Words are written everywhere on the internet to communicate with people who need our services. Your services and products may change, your website may need an update. The company structure, philosophy, and many other temporal elements in your domains may change. The words you write for the public are vital as thousands, and maybe millions evaluate you through the content you display. Push develops the superlative content strategy for you with free flow content, readable to anyone, informative, and entertaining. Our creative and skilled group of the content team will learn, analyze, and present you to your clients in the most engaging way possible. Trust us to deliver you the finest content to represent you before the public.

03Corporate Affairs

Managing your corporate affairs with maximum efficiency is central to impress your consumers, investors, industry analysts, and other key stakeholders. Perfect public image maintenance is necessary for every brand to thrive in society. We plan the strategy for your corporate affairs and preserve a perpetual positive image in public. It would include risk mitigation strategies, competitive strategies, which would give many direct benefits to your company. Push can handle your corporate affairs smoothly and effectively as well as keep every one of your key stakeholders happy.

04Strategic counsel

The central part of the duty of our strategic counsel is to impart you with advice. Push gives high significance to every one of our clients. Our strategic counsel team will be readily available to provide you with guidance irrespective of what it relates to. Whether it be referring to any of your day to day activities like selecting social media campaign targets, crafting messages for your press release or anything, every queries from our client are of paramount importance to us. Our insightful and highly analytical counsel team will guide you in each and   every step. 

05Reputation Management

It takes many years of sincere service, flawless products, and excellent client management to accumulate respect and reputation for your brand. A credibility check on your business can be done by anyone, and now it is a common practice. But the major problem of reputation is that it is very fragile. The years of your hard toil can be discredited by a single negative coverage that appears online. Critics are digging every day for a stain that is indirect to your brand but would be used as a direct attack on it.  In today’s business world, you can’t afford to take a single misstep. Our reputation management consultants are valuable to you because everything you value is at risk when your reputation is under attack. Temporal and insignificant mistakes should not hinder the growth of your organization. As a reputation management agency, Push would arm your reputation and protect it at any cost. Our reputation management consultants would provide you advice and guidance for risk mitigation.

06Digital Marketing

Push provides you digital marketing services as now the new age is the digital age. We create your presence in every digital platform available on the internet. Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other digital media platforms will be leveraged for the growth of your brand. There are a lot of hidden opportunities and potential benefits in the world of digital marketing. Push as a digital marketing agency would promote your brand through creative content, find you the prospective clients from all around the world. As an ad agency, we will use every ground to run our ads and make sure that our message has been received by the maximum number of people in this interconnected world. As our information age progress, we will push the boundaries of marketing for you and bring in limitless opportunities for you and your clients. As the world of marketing evolves, be assured, we will also evolve and take you to the peak of that evolution.