01Special Events

Events and Entertainments are the colors of the marketing world where special events are hosted to entertain, attract, and showcase the accomplishments made by your company. Events, entertainment builds the buzz about you in the marketing world, and we make your event memorable. You can rely on us to make your events exciting with celebrity appearances if you want, stunning centerpieces, and funky entertainments. We are the fundamental element that makes your special events picture-perfect. And this perfect events would be there to seed your brands to your consumers.

02Corporate Events

Corporate events, a platform if applied properly, can be one of the best marketing platforms for your ideas. As a corporate event consultants, we design the events to launch your products internally to your organization, or externally to your clients, dealers, and press requires a lively & imaginative corporate event. We elevate the standards of your professionalism in the presentation through simple lighting and staging techniques. The ambiance required for your product would be customized in the setting in a futuristic way. Innovation starts reflecting at the setting of stage and we design the future for your event. Stepping into your event should feel like setting foot into another world, and the feat can be pursued through the dynamic stage setting for your launch. All your Seminars, Conference, Award nights, and Theme parties can be mesmerized with our touch, Push, one of the best corporate event management companies in the country.

03Brand launches

We partner with our clients to build a strategic branding plan to bring in a long term strategic design to drive the growth of your brand. We bring in a fresh perspective and give significance for a collaborative effort with our clients. Our works are the reflection of our talent in which, as a brand launch consultant, we bring in relevant and disruptive interventions. We have proven credentials and great experience in corporate identity design, brand positioning, digital, and print design. Join us as “Well begun is half done.”


The beautiful bride and groom in a dream world with vibrant colors along with their gorgeous loved ones, nothing can live up to that special moment of your life. We at Push wants to make an illustrious dais for this special day in your life. We would bestow upon you the celebration of your lifetime encapsulating every joyous feature into this elite day. Design your wedding day with every single detail of your imagination with us. Push, we are here to make your dream come true.

05BTL Activation / Promotions

Engagement through the ATL activation is not enough for the brand to reach the target audience. Engagements with the target directly is critical to create cognizance in the target audience and gain a positive response from them. Our BTL Activations are beyond fluffy words where the advertising platform is out there in the real world, where interactions happen face to face with your potential customers. Push would design you the finest interactive, fun, and engaging BTL activities where you can capture the mind of your prospective clientele.

06Sports & Entertainment

The fashionable presentation of your new products is elevated with the prominence of the products and with professional models or sports icons. The desired visibility to the target audience is of high significance. Any event requires the glamor flick, be it product launches or Customer Dealer Meet. Your events should be glamorous, filled with the vibrancy of participants, an air of enthusiasm due to the industry icons, splendorous of supermodels. And we meet all the required needs along with the calculated results.