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Branded video contents are mediums used to humanize the brands and bring them in front of the people in a storytelling style. People don’t listen to marketing, they listen to stories. In a world where people swipe up to the next option of content in a fraction of a second, we make sure they stay, they listen, and they enjoy your content.

01Television Commercials

As one of the best Television commercials production companies in India, we had the chance to work with one of the very best personalities in the country, which includes high profile actors and sports personalities. Partnering up with Push will provide you access to the best of the best talents in the country in the sphere of marketing. We deliver your every need, from the optimum utilization of your budgets, improving quality, and modernized techniques.
Your clients are sitting at home, watching their favorite TV show, and you have a chance to create awareness about your products and services to them. If things are done in the right way, you would be able to develop familiarity for your brand and even entertain them as they notice you. Commercials are great tools that can be dedicatedly used to drive your message to consumer homes in millions. Start your perfect partnership with us and find the shortest way to the hearts of your customers.

02Brand films

There are a lot of platforms available for storytelling in the new world of technology. We leverage every possible way to grab the attention of a person to you. In a fast-changing world around you, we make you unique, we put you outside the crowd, we put you inside their hearts. That is where storytelling comes and why it’s essential to take a big space in their mind. More than the name of your brand, logo, or product, what pulls the mind of an individual is their feelings. That’s what he will remember after seeing the ad, and that feeling is what he is going to relate when he sees your brand. We craft our stories and brand films in such a way that the person will be happy after seeing the story, which will later resonate while he sees your brand. Virtually spreading happiness through brand films, we make your clients emotionally attached to your brand. The compelling and simple power of storytelling, if applied meritoriously, can help you bring loyal customers.

03Corporate Audio-Visuals

Ever felt a missing ambiance for your live events. Not anymore because we provide cutting edge audio, video, lighting, and staging solutions. Innumerable events, thousands of venues, and an infinite number of happy clients, we know the prominence of corporate audio-visual services in every small and significant event. We have the power to transform any space of any scale by technically endorsing the area with flat-screen, speakers, and stage lighting to yield the atmosphere you desire. Every event is unique, and every client has different needs, and our staff delivers the role you want us to step up your success to the fullest potential.

04Web/Viral Videos

It is said that one picture has an impact of 1000 words. How many pictures are included in a video? Now reimagine that effect on the minds of people. Using videos to promote your brand is a simple and effective method, and the scheme makes it easier to connect with the audience quickly. Videos also help you to optimize your search engine ranking along with the benefit of reaching your potential customers effortlessly. Statistics of video marketing also point towards a similar theory. With over 80% of Twitter users watching video content, half of the users watch video content, organic reach is higher for videos on Facebook, and more advantages. With all these cumulative benefits, it can be simply understood that web/viral videos are critical elements in contemporary promotion techniques.

05Event Videos

Making events colorful and successful is half the step to success. The next move is to present the event videos to the outer world, and it should be more stylish and astonishing. Forgive us, for videography is in our genes. We have a dedicated artist who can adapt to a wide variety of videography style to capture the complete atmosphere of your event. Perfect execution and elegant presentation is the real secret of success.