01Brand Endorsements

A brand requires a loyal partner that can elevate the brand image, and that person would become the face of your brand. We have a highly talented strategists who craft authentic partnerships with respective brands. It is essential that the face of the brand should be familiar to almost all your viewers. The right celebrity endorsement can influence a high number of consumers and can be a foundation to build a loyal customer base. We have developed an array of interconnected networks with a lot of celebrity talents in various industries. We bring you the best brand endorsement opportunities with the right profile partner for your brand. Work with the right partners and make your product memorable, build faith, and aspire the consumers to buy your product with the best brand endorsement agency in India.

02Appearances & Promotion

Celebrity appearance and promotion can pull in significant public attention. The society as a whole is always interested in the life of stars, which would effortlessly bring in crowds for any events. The celebrity appearance would also benefit in other ways like media attention. By endorsing the presence of your idol, media attention can be garnered without any funding. It would boost the event along with the involvement of every stakeholder in the event. We can bring you the suitable celebrity and improve the exposure of your event and in addition, enhances media buzz and credibility of your brand along the way.

03Live Events

Live events with celebrities from the big leagues can enhance your exposure in the market. From sporting events to cosmetic product release, new phone, and many other products, live events can be leveraged and enhanced through celebrity presence, and the celebrity should also be relatable to your products. An experienced company is vital for celebrity management to avoid a stressful experience. Push makes sure that the priorities of the company is the priorities of the celebrity in every appearance event.

04Image consulting

As a brand, the style and aesthetic in your image in public should always be updated. In an environment where every element is changing, updating your image continuously is essential.

05Coordination & Management

All these services under our roof are handled by an army of capable coordinators and managers who organizes the internal portfolios of our company. The primary duty of the coordination and management team is to coordinate your projects and keep you informed on every step of your project progress. We are highly confident in the ability of our coordinators who are of huge significance for the growth of this company. Our management team would always be in touch with you to take your input and keep you informed on the developments.