This brand posed a dual challenge.

  1. The business problem was one of market presence and share vs. the incumbent category leader, Muthoot.
  2. There was a perception problem that the entire category faced. While the gold given as ‘streedhan’ was intended as investment for the woman to be used in time of need, it was typically seen as a shameful last resort, when all else had failed. Using women’s jewellery to raise funds was seen as almost as bad as selling or losing it as a result of economic distress. Hence, in a country with high household hoarding of gold, it was not being put to work to generate economic growth, for the individual or the community.


Changing consumer beliefs and perceptions is the most challenging of communication tasks to deal with. This can be done either through a very soft and gradual approach or by going to the other extreme and attacking the problem at the root. We decided to go for the jugular and take the mental barrier head on to shock consumers out of their accepted beliefs and drive action. In order to do this, we took 2 category conventions and turned them on their heads:

  1. The usage of the investment would be for positive/growth linked needs and not necessarily in times of trouble or dire necessity. In fact this is how funds should ideally be used. So, rather than leaving the gold idle, it could power a small business which would in turn lead to more jobs and prosperity for multiple people. It could fund education which would in turn increase earning capacity.
  2. The decision to use this would be actually proposed by the person who owned or had given the investment e.g. the woman’s father. So it would not and indeed should not be a result of “coercion” or “oppression” by the husband and his family, but would be a smart decision she could take to move towards greater prosperity that she could also participate in.


The use of celebrities in this case demonstrated that using funds smartly need not be associated with situations of not having money, but as a smart way to get your money to make more money.



The brand grew from 1800 crores to 8500 crores. In addition, we see more far reaching effects that go beyond the brand itself and into the level of category activity and conversations. The gold loan itself has been brought out of the closet with several other brands and even government bodies talking about this as a way to drive economic growth.