Kitchen Treasures was born from the house of Synthite, the world’s largest producer of value added spices, with a history of over 4 decades in the production of spices, flavours, pure & blended seasonings and spice oleoresins. The outcome of this 40-year internship was the brand Kitchen Treasures, the retail face of the parent company, selling spices, masalas, pastes & pickles. The Synthite group is probably the largest supplier of premium ingredients for many leading Indian and International brands.
In a market where quality is a big concern, with huge deficits in trust, Kitchen Treasures was poised to provide pure, clean, natural and high quality products. Its parent company’s huge leveraging in the industry provide them the production and procurement wherewithal to launch their portfolio, walking the talk of purity and quality.



Kitchen Treasures as a retail brand is an infant among old-timers. How do they launch their spices product line, capturing the interests of a polarised audience? National and regional players pepper the retail shelves pitching offers that range from ‘purity’ to ‘conformity to regional taste palettes’. The launch market was Kerala, which has a rich culture in spices and a plethora of brands catering to the market requirements. So, how do Kitchen Treasures be heard and bought into?



A brand born out of such immaculate pedigree needs a launch demeanor that captures the body language of ‘To the manor born’. No holding back. No doubts. No fear. When Sachin Tendulkar walked in to the Test arena when he was just 16 years, he carried with him, a swag reserved for the Gods. He didn’t blink, nor did he hold back. He revealed his pedigree to the world. Our challenge is to capture similar leadership pedigree in communication terms, for brand Kitchen Treasures.



In a cluttered spices market, where many brand voices are chirping a cacophony, it is important to have a voice that is unique, a lyric that is sharp and a presenter who wears a stature befitting the strength and relevance of the message. This is why we aligned Manju Warrier as the brand ambassador for Kitchen Treasures. Manju is a celluloid queen who is known for her realistic depiction of characters on screen. She has an arresting screen presence and a powerful countenance. We chose her, as the brand messaging required a voice and authenticity that supported its relevance and importance. This is our contribution to the brand in its journey to market leadership. Crafting a strong brand narrative as well as giving it a face and a powerful voice, to be heard above everyone else. And to be believed.



In its first year of launch, the spices segment of Kitchen Treasures ate into the market shares of competition like an epidemic! It continues to blaze its way through the competition line up, and is surely poised for market leadership by year 2018, going by the statistics. This is also one of the most recognised and recollected campaigns in the packaged foods segment in Kerala.