Aster Pharmacy is the largest, most reputed & awarded pharmacy chain in the UAE & MENA region. Today Aster Pharmacy is surging towards its 300th outlet, making it available across all neighbourhoods in the region. Over the years, Aster Pharmacy has come to be the local advisor, caregiver and trusted healthcare support for millions of people in UAE. Beyond prescription medicines, Aster Pharmacy is the destination for trusted OTD drugs and medicines as well as lifestyle products. It is driven by a passion for excellence & process standards. Above all, the brand upholds the values of human compassion.



When Aster Pharmacy aligned with Push Integrated in 2013, they needed a partner who could strategically align their thinking and fuel its growth story through image building. They wanted to build their image based on the service commitments they stood for as well as the values they lived by. Their dream was to build a legacy that will set the standard for pharmaceutical business in the region. And how to reach the destination in the shortest possible time, without losing out on believability. This is because, their retail growth was exponential and hence, the advertising narrative had to keep pace with the same. In fact, communication should lead this path.



Push Integrated built a brand narrative that integrated the values of their brand ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar, with the values of brand Aster Pharmacy. And created a visual appeal that went on to become a defining identity for the brand in the region. And this was not just done through print and outdoor mediums. The brand vocabulary as well as celebrity integration was brought into every element of Pharmacy marketing, including the stores. Each detail was carved out, and a brand identity that did justice to the larger than life imagery of Aster Pharmacy was created. Today, when you move around in UAE & MENA region, Aster Pharmacy and its brand narrative stands testimony to our effort and craft.



Aster Pharmacy has been awarded the ‘Best Pharmacy’ in 2014 & 2015 and is poised to bag the award this year too. Aster Pharmacy has become a ‘Super Brand’ in the Middle East.